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About Us
About My Tour
My Tour aims to increase awareness of many tourist attractions, to encourage and support travel to My Tour. Venture Travel has come long way since its origin in 2016. Venture Travel is a dominant player in Airline Ticketing business and is recognized as one of the Consolidators in India. The Venture Travel has an established track record of over 3 Decades indicates the Travel Agency ability to survive business cycles. Competent directors having experience over 3 Decades in the same line of business, thereby demonstrating the director’s ability to steer the company through operational hurdles. Well Defined Organisation structure supported by qualified and experienced second-tier management that has decision making powers. Services Offered 1. Airline ticket bookings The Venture Travel provides ticket booking services for International & Domestic Flights. The Venutre Travel is registered with IATA, TAAI, TAFI & IATO. The Venture Travel has a strong network of more than 1000 sub agents located across India. The Venture Travel also provides IMPLANT SERVICES to Corporates. Depending upon the need of corporate client implants are kept. 2. Online Railway Booking IRCTC Live Booking on Portal. 3. Hotel Booking Book more than 80 Own Hotels Starting from Budget Hotel Rooms to Luxurious Hotels all Across the India 4. Bus Booking Bus Booking system for More than 30,000 Routes Across India. 7. Customized Holidays Customized Holiday packages are provided by the Venture Travel as per client’s needs and specification. The major destinations which are in demand are London, Switzerland, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Macau and Dubai.

Our Vision

Tourism which is ethical, fair and a positive experience for both travellers and the people and places they visit.My Tour seeks to enhance the corporate management tools to improve the service while reducing your travel costs. We manage almost every type of travel needs, from simplest to the complex, and create an unparalleled experience that our customers could rely on. We aim to maintain our vision of high class travel services at reasonable prices through consistent leadership, controlled growth and excellent commitment.Keeping our vision, “value for money & client satisfaction” as a compass. The number of passengers serviced annually today, is more than ten times higher than that we serviced on annual basis when we first started up. Through continuous investments in contemporary travel related technology and quality assurance, My Tour Vision Travel has positioned itself today as one of the Top Ranked Travel and Tour Operating Companies in world, capable of meeting any Individual, Group, Organization or tour operator’s requirement. There are presently few competitors offering services similar to ours. However considering the pace of change and current growth rate of the tourism industry luring many companies into the sector, this may be short-lived. Hence there will be a need to not only firmly establish ourselves on the market, but also strongly differentiate ourselves from these other businesses. My Tour Vision Travel is one of the few organizations that can offer all over the world a full spectrum of tourism services with flexible and efficient solutions, as a one stop supplier. The services we provide are of a high standard as well as to save both time and money. We invite you to share our vision and benefit from our expertise, professionalism, flexibility, personalized approach, strong purchasing power and comprehensive product portfolio. Venture Travel is guided by a simple philosophy, strong values & high ethical standards in our work every day. They are: People – We are dedicated to giving our people a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential. Excellence – Everything we do at Blue Star is driven by passion for excellence to develop the best service standards in the market. Integrity – Operating in ethical way is the foundation of our business. Everything we do is guided by a moral compass that ensures fairness, respect to all stakeholders & complete transparency. Philosophy – We think the travel Industry is a great place to work. People love and need to travel. We know that people have the option to buy direct from our suppliers or from one of our competitors and therefore we are very great full to every customer who transacts with us. Our motto is to serve the customer and suppliers, offer a good deal and treat them with respect this is one thing that makes us different.

Our Mission

To ensure tourism always benefits local people by challenging bad practice and promoting better tourism.My travel seeks to manage the travel requirements of your company and add value to your travel spend. We tend to focus on the customers’ requirements to come up with effective strategies for meeting their demands in an efficient manner. Our mission is to offer corporate travel solutions and become the biggest travel agency in the World.Efficiency, Flexibility and Quality Service with a Personal Touch, combined with strong purchasing advantages and Value for Money. We’re committed to offer competitive value for money and high level services in order to achieve total client satisfaction. We want to meet and exceed all business clients ‘goals and objectives, strive for excellence in quality, integrity, professionalism and value in all we do. The Company offers packages in the most sought after international tickets, passport and visa assistance, pilgrim tours, inbound and outbound tours as well as to the most popular destinations Worldwide. We want our partners and ourselves to grow profitably in our respective country, through thorough market analysis, continuous product development, aggressive yield management and prudent financial risk monitoring.

Safety Information

some safety tips are: TRANSPORTATION SAFETY TIPS:
While traveling you should always keep in mind certain transportation safety tips as well:- Always choose the safest mode of transport for traveling. Do check its previous safety track record. Be mindful of other passengers traveling with you and never hesitate to report any suspicious act to the concerned authorities. Never share cab or taxi with strangers. As carjacking is the biggest threat for a traveler. While traveling by flight, always pay attention to the preflight briefing about closest emergency exit door, fastening your seat belts properly, applying oxygen masks and other important details to be followed in case of emergency. Do not ignore all significant details provided by flight attendant. They are prime source of aid in case of emergency and unexpected turbulence. Wear money belts, hidden neck and waist pouches, hidden pocket wallets and zippered compartments under your clothes to avoid pick pocketing.
Choosing the safest accommodation at an unknown place could be a biggest concern for you. Therefore be aware of certain tips while choosing a safest hotel for your self. Never hesitate to choose the best and safest hotel in town. Always carry all the important documents with you while going out of your hotel room. Double check window and door locks before leaving the hotel room. Prefer to keep your important luggage at receptions locker. Get well versed with emergency exits, fire escapes, emergency stairwells to be used in case of emergency. To make most out of your trip these basic general safety tips can prove to be very helpful.

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